Curiosity Success!

Well, it’s been three (almost four!) days and I haven’t posted a thing about the most amazing, wonderful and successful landing of Curiosity. I’ve been too busy catching up on real life, but that does not diminish the utter joy I shared with thousands of others across the world when Curiosity did what many thought might be an impossible task. The means by which she landed was amazing. Cheers to all the scientists and engineers who made this happen.

I was fortunate enough to be among many others at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in St-Hubert (a suburb of Montréal), Québec, as we watched the seemingly impossible become a reality. Here is the raw video I took (I apologize in advance for the drifting . . . I was watching the actual screen and not my camera; I also apologize for the dropping of the camera. I had to clap and cheer!):

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