L.A. Champions

I know I’m a bit late in posting this, but congratulations to the L.A. Kings on winning the Stanley Cup.


I don’t purport to be a Kings fan. I don’t get the chance to watch many west coast games, and really, I’m a Leafs fan, but it was good to see such a good, young team hoist the Cup. I was actually rooting for them, and was quite annoyed that they couldn’t wrap it up in four games after winning the first three, but hey . . . it made for a better playoff series. I do feel bad for New Jersey losing the way they did — they had a rough game, particularly the five-minute major Steve Bernier took after the hit against Rob Scuderi. You’ve got to wonder how that game would’ve turned out had Bernier not taken the major. But what’s done is done and the Kings have their first Cup in franchise history.

Even Darth Vader is happy the Kings won the Cup.
Must be the black jersey.

Now . . . let’s bring on the 2012-2013 season!


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